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Workers' Compensation

By facilitating and supporting the needs of companies of all sizes, BeyondPay continues to lead in “Pay-As-You-Go” insurance administration. When Insurance Carriers, Agents, and Policyholders choose the industry’s most advanced technology, they put themselves in a position to save money and profit from PAYGO Workers’ Comp.

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Minimize Audit Descrepencies

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How It Works

Reduced or Eliminated Down Payments.
Premiums are Calculated on Actual Payrolls vs. Estimated.
Reduced or Eliminated Audit Exposure.
No Checks to Write.
Policy Holders        "Pay-As-You-Go"

Policy Holders       

Policy Holders

If you are still paying your premiums based on estimated payrolls and truing up the final premium after an audit– you are probably still using dial up internet and possibly still have your IBM Selectric typewriter (just in case).

Today, policyholders are demanding “Pay-As-You Go” payment options in record numbers. As of the 2nd Quarter of 2010, it was reported that approximately 4,000 new policyholders per month selected to have their payments collected based on their actual payroll versus an upfront estimate.

BeyondPay is making this option even more popular with increased reporting methods and with the unique policy that you get to work with your agent!


Why is “Pay-As-You Go” so popular?

Do your payrolls fluctuate? Have you had a change in circumstances or experienced an unexpected event? Have the current economic conditions changed your business?

Any of these conditions can have a substantial impact on your workers’ compensation premiums. No one has a crystal ball and no one can predict the future with 100% accuracy. Therefore why do you believe the estimated payroll amounts indicated on your workers compensation application or policy will be accurate 12 months later?

InsurePay offers the most sophisticated payroll based premium calculation system available and we invite you to see for yourself. Contact a representative today to see if your carrier, agent and/or payroll partner offer InsurePay or look for the InsurePay Alliance logo on their brochures or website.

Below is a list of benefits from our perspective: Please review the list and determine how we can help your business.

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