Meet the Team

the leaders behind BeyondPay

Christopher Tanis, CPA


We’ve assembled a team of experienced and caring professionals whose primary goal is to help you accomplish your company’s stated mission, whether it be outreach, growth or profitability. I tell my team often that for BeyondPay to be successful, we don’t need every company to choose us, we just need the right ones. By heeding this fit-first model, we have created a truly unique organization that provides a truly unique customer experience.

Jacob Tanis, CPA


Thank you for trusting BeyondPay with your payroll and human capital needs for more than 25 years. We consider it both a privilege and responsibility to serve you. We value each client individually from the smallest payroll to the largest full-suite user. We have invested in talented people and world class technology to creatively meet our clients ever-changing needs. We welcome the opportunity to be of service.

Jonathan Tanis


I love technology, and I love solving problems. Starting with BeyondPay full time in 2007, this passion naturally drove me towards helping implement our solutions with new customers and stepping in to help solve problems as they come up. Fast forward 10 years later, and this passion drives the adoption of the technologies we use and the people we hire. We have seen a lot of solutions out in the market, and while there is certainly no perfect solution for all, the Kronos platform is superior in most respects for most companies. Couple that with passionate people with system knowledge second to none, and a desire to solve your problems, BeyondPay has put together a solution that makes us a competitive and superior option for companies with a few to a few thousand employees.

Jason Zaun, SPHR


At BeyondPay you’re not a number you’re our partner. We take the time to understand your business in order to be able to offer the best possible solutions to meet your demands. I have a passion for HR as well as HR technology. As Director of HR Services at BeyondPay I am able to satisfy both of my passions. We have assembled a team of qualified HR professionals to assist our clients with any HR problem.

Michael Lynch


Coming from one of the largest national providers, I chose a more down-to-earth operations that roots itself in technology and the people that develop and support it every day. Founded by CPAs and built FOR CPAs, compliance is in BeyondPay’s DNA, which is music to the ears of this compliance hawk. BeyondPay is a forward-thinking company that empowers our employees and our clients with the latest technology, providing not just the tool but the creativity and support needed to make it work.

Graham Watts


For me, BeyondPay checks off all the boxes. We’re invested in our clients and passionate about solving problems. I’ve been in management of the payroll industry for over twenty years; I’ve learned to harness my capacity for customer service, implementation and software support. But the difference that drew me to BeyondPay is the freedom I was given to explore the entire landscape of workforce management. I was eager to be a part of an organization that invested in the future of payroll and HR, that also saw the value of investing time, care and thoughtful consideration into its clients.

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