Talent Acquisition

build an engaged, high-performance workforce

Source, track, and evaluate talent in a candidate-driven market

The pressure for recruiters has increased to find qualified candidates while not compromising the time or cost spent hiring. Talent Acquisition from BeyondPay helps your organization find quality talent so you can build an engaged, high-performance workforce without sacrificing your goals or budget. 

Paperless recruitment

Automate recruiting processes to eliminate paper and drive efficiency


Superior applicant experience

Make it easy to search for jobs, upload resumes, and apply online


Better hiring decisions

Focus on best-fit candidates by asking pre-screening questions and leveraging data about your existing workforce


Pre-hire engagement

Send automated notifications and configurable email communications to applicants


Premium job board integration

Proactively source candidates by posting job listings to your career website and 8,000+ job boards

user-friendly applicant portal

Deliver a positive online applicant experience

Attract top talent by delivering a positive applicant experience with a simple job search, easy resumes uploads and configurable job applications. LinkedIn and resume parsing can help speed up the application process too by auto-populating fields to save applicants time.

applicant tracking

Optimize hiring with data all in one place

Gain control over your recruiting process with visibility into all your applicants on a single screen. Filter by location, job skill and other criteria to identify the best-fit candidates. Then let HR easily engage candidates with configurable email templates to save time while staying top of mind. 

pre-populated onboarding

Hire and onboard from the same system

Once you’ve found the perfect applicant, simply start the onboarding process with the click of a button. BeyondPay configures any workflow necessary for your hiring approval and has the system send the new employee an email to begin their self-service onboarding. Checklists with due dates are set up for managers, the HR team – and perhaps even IT – to kick off any processes needed to prepare your new employee for their first day.

Smart, efficient tools lead to better hiring decisions

Streamline the recruiting process to attract top talent while achieving time-to-hire and cost-per-hire goals. Since it’s part of a single, unified platform, applicant information flows seamlessly into the employee record upon hire for reduced administrative effort and a single source of clean data.

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Performance Management

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