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cardsThe InTouch time clock that you choose will depend upon the data input solution that best suits your needs.   The time- tracking clocks work with either a proximity badge, a barcode reader, a magnetic stripe reader, or via biometric identification using the Touch ID fingerprint add-on product.

Proximity badges
HID badges, are a common technology that allows a user to wave a card or key fob in front of the clock to quickly clock in or out.

Barcode readers
A laser scans a bar code for clocking in and clocking out.


Magnetic Stripe readers
A technology similar to credit cards that allow you to swipe a card in order to authenticate the user and clock in or out.

Some tips:

  • If you have existing badges for your employees, you should choose the solution of your existing badges.
  • The most popular are Proximity/HID readers because of the ease of use and speed of clocking in and out.
  • The Touch ID Fingerprint add-on

    allows you to bypass the card reader, or can be used in conjunction for added security.