Managed HR

because you should never be on your own with HR

Daily tasks shouldn’t take all day.

Administrative HR from BeyondPay assists with the quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily tasks that make up an HR team’s routine. Our team of experts combined with our system saves your organization time, money and any doubt over compliance risk.

    • FFCRA Management

    • 2020 ushers in a year of fast-developing legislation to cope with Covid-19. We handle the administrative HR responsibilities that come with FFCRA paid emergency leave.


    • Manage Labor Costs

      Obtain reports to easily build accurate schedules that align staff coverage to anticipated demand.


    • New Hire Reporting

      We automatically report new hires to the government for you.


    • OSHA

      While tracking claims and incidents in BeyondPay, our team takes the extra step to review the necessary filings and ensure proper procedure.


    • COBRA

      Each time an employee is terminated or loses coverage in BeyondPay, we step in with the required coverage offer to previous employees under COBRA.


    • Unemployment Claims Handling

      Proper exit interviews and termination procedures lead to smoother handling of unemployment claims. We will fight illegitimate claims from terminated employees and fill out the required DOL forms.


    • PPACA

      The Affordable Care Act created new responsibilities for business owners. We proactively use our system to monitor and consult on necessary measures to remain compliant with the ACA.


    Expert help for those common HR projects.

    Your team is provided with a consultative framework to create a new level of tact for larger, but relatively consistent, HR projects. Depending on your size and strengths, Tactical HR from BeyondPay gives you the flexibility to outsource when your team’s strengths lie elsewhere.


      • Recruiting & Hiring

        Have more time to focus on growing a strategic workforce with services designed to improve the hiring process.


      • Job Description Services

        An optimized job description is the first impression to attract top talent.


      • Policy Development Handbook

        No two companies are the same, why should you settle for a cookie cutter handbook? Tailor your handbook to your company’s goals and guide your employees’ experience.


      • Onboarding & Orientation

        Engage new hires immediately to set them up for success and see your business grow.


      • Performance Review Development

        Provide employees more than a report card. Redesign the performance review process with meaningful goals and objectives.


      • Work Investigations

        Investigating workplace misconduct internally can present obvious challenges. Ensure that all incidents are handled effectively and properly.


      • Compliance

        From workers’ compensation to FMLA, handle constantly changing state and federal laws with peace of mind.


      Where HR and business goals align.

      While Administrative and Tactical HR focus on doing the job correctly and efficiently, Strategic HR dives deeper. We focus on driving profits, promoting company culture, evaluating your bottom line and propelling change for a better-more capable workforce.


        • Compensation Planning

          Create a competitive compensation plan that stays in line with your business objectives.


        • New Hire Reporting

          We automatically report new hires to the government for you.


        • Training Needs Analysis

          Assess the knowledge, skills and attitudes of your employees to build better training programs and reach future business goals.


        • Wellness Programs

          It’s proven that employees who actively manage their health are more productive. Improve employee wellness with programs that deliver results and generate healthcare savings for you and your employees.


        • Succession Planning

          You need to fill your key leadership roles with the right talent when the need arises. Design a plan to develop talent in these key roles and safeguard against future gaps.


        • Employee Surveys

          Craft employee surveys that are more than just gathering feedback. Use these insights to shape high performance cultures that deliver business results.


        • Talent Management

          Your largest investment deserves a lot of attention. Align your talent strategies with your business goals and develop meaningful programs to engage, motivate and excel your workforce.


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