Effective scheduling backed by data,
not a hunch

Scheduling is complex, time-consuming, and usually frustrating. Matching availability, preferences, pay rates, skill levels, and certifications with fluctuating business demand is overwhelming. Trying to use spreadsheets and semi-automated systems lead to overstaffing, shorthanded rushes, excessive overtime, employee disengagement, and even compliance risk. Now you can schedule the right person with the needed skills within your budget and without burning out your employees.

Advanced scheduling tools help you better manage labor spend

Scheduler automatically generates best-fit schedules based on your organization’s unique requirements to help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, improve productivity and drive employee engagement. Intuitive tools and automated workflows simplify the creation of schedules that align staffing with budget and demand. With the automatic enforcement of scheduling policies, you can avoid employee grievances, potential litigation, and paper record-keeping.

Automatically build schedules that are compliant and employee approved

Run forecasted vs. scheduled coverage reports along with historical volume data to insightfully manage your upcoming workload. Scheduler can import a workload forecast or use transactional data, like patient census, production orders, and seasonal promotion, to calculate predicted demand and automatically create the optimal shift structure.

Make intelligent staffing decisions

Real-time visibility into your workforce lets you handle staffing changes on your own terms when dealing with sudden changes isn’t an option. Instead of handling unplanned absences with overtime or outsourcing, Scheduler automatically generates a prioritized call list of qualified workers based on availability, seniority, skill set and more. Never worry about filling shifts with the right person at the right cost again. whenever a new schedule is posted.

Empower employees and boost engagement

Give employees more control over their own schedules for improved engagement. Self-service tools empower employees to be more autonomous while making the scheduling process more transparent. Employees can pick up open shifts based on their qualifications, either from their desktop or mobile device, and receive email notifications whenever a new schedule is posted.

Boost productivity and drive compliance

Finally solve the puzzle of scheduling by matching availability, skills and business demand for an efficient, effective schedule. Maximize productivity and maintain compliance all while minimizing your spend.

  • Generate best-fit schedules
    Automatically schedule the right person with the required experience
  • Control labor costs
    Generate informed schedules that take budget constraints into account
  • Drive employee engagement
    Use self-service tools to give employees more control over their schedules that make an empowered workforce
  • Minimize compliance risk
    Automatically enforce scheduling policies, labor laws, and union rules

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