Time & Labor Management


Automate time collection across your organization

Paper timesheets and disparate systems can seem to work. But in reality, it stunts organizational growth, frustrates employees and bogs down managers; while increasing manual data entry for the rest of your organization. Integrating an automated time tracking system allows managers to ensure their team’s timesheets are accurate, provides real-time visibility into labor data to control costs, and seriously reduce compliance risks.

Eliminate paper timesheets and inefficient manual processes

Most organizations start with paper and pen timesheets because they’re easy to roll out and seem inexpensive. As your team and to-do list grows, the true cost of manual processes is difficult to avoid when looking at the cost of manual entry, mistakes, and time delays preparing for payroll. Traditionally, managers have to review and approve timesheets. With Time & Labor Management, once managers review and approve timesheets, payroll is prepped.

A single employee record to eliminate duplicate data entry

With BeyondPay’s TLM, there is no employee data syncing the full suite human capital management system. Pay rates for a specific job is information that flows from an employee’s onboarding process, to their hours worked, to their paycheck. The Time & Labor system is the same as Payroll & Tax Filing, which is the same as Core HR Enterprise.

Automate accrual tracking and easily allow employees request time off

Employees can easily request batches of hours or full days off through the system to streamline administrator tasks from the Mobile App or within the web-based solution. Managers are immediately alerted of the request by a push notification to quickly jump into the system, approve or reject, and keep things moving. Really take advantage of the self service solution by allowing employees to track their accrued time-off automatically, configured specifically to your organization’s policies with the addition of Accruals.

Multiple time collection options for the most accurate data

Collect employee time from multiple sources, including the InTouch Time Clock, web entry, telephony, or the Mobile App. Employees can clock in and out for shifts or meals and transfer to different labor departments. It can also track salaried employees that need to assign time to projects. For dispersed or on-the-go workforces, the Mobile App has the ability to restrict time punches with geographic fencing.

A comprehensive TLM solution with the best reporting engine available

Time & Labor Management with BeyondPay gives you the data insight and tools to streamline time tracking with automated collection. There are few systems that allow such easy access to simple custom reports and more complex custom fields that can be saved, automatically emailed, and exported into a variety of formats like your favorite spreadsheet application.

  • Easily export your data
    Quickly export your workforce’s time related data to XLSX, CSV, Google Sheets, PDF, HTML, TXT and XML
  • Cover all areas of compliance
    Maintain overtime, union, and leave compliance with a flexible rules-based engine
  • Make time-off a breeze
    Employees can request and managers can approve time off from their mobile devices in just a few clicks
  • Ensure payroll Accuracy
    Never second-guess the accuracy of your employee’s pay again with timesheet approvals and reporting

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