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Let BeyondPay manage your payroll, taxes and data

all in one place

With more than 10,000 tax rules in the U.S. and always changing IRS mandates, delivering an accurate paycheck is a heavy burden on employers. Since errors in payroll are non-negotiable, we provide the software and personalized service to complete your payroll and tax-filing with a few easy clicks. Our secure, cloud-based payroll solution lets you process anywhere with in-depth, configurable reporting. Rest assured throughout the entire process with our dedicated service representatives and in-house Tax & Compliance Department who take care of the tricky legislative and tax pieces on your behalf.

Control every step of your payroll process

With BeyondPay, you’re in complete control of your payroll. You can process on your own schedule and complete special checks for commissions or bonuses without having to worry about additional fees. Gain the flexibility to run as many separate payrolls as you need without any excess processing fees.

Find the information you need, when you need it with robust reporting

Payroll data is the most accurate and useful data available, provided you can access it in a timely and comprehensive manner. That’s why your payroll data is made readily available in standard or ad-hoc reports that can export into virtually any format, instantly. Sort, group, filter or customize any report for any time period to analyze payroll activity and trends, verify processing benchmarks and support regulatory compliance. Most importantly, easily grab labor distribution and general ledger reporting whenever you need.

Manage payroll complexities and make changes with ease

Manage and modify employee deductions, earning codes, direct deposits and tax jurisdictions to reflect the latest information with support from your dedicated customer service representative. Employee payroll information can be changed individually or as a group with the mass edit feature. Change rates at any point in the pay period and process employee wage garnishments with optimal timeliness and efficiency.

Employees love Mobile

Let employees work where they are comfortable with on-demand access to their pay stubs, earning history and W-2 forms wherever and whenever with the Mobile App. They can even update information, like their direct deposit or Form W-4 on the fly. These self-service tools give power to the employees while freeing up administrators and business owners to focus on larger tasks at hand.

Gain complete control over your payroll

Automate and streamline your payroll processing to increase accuracy, reduce time spent and gain back the power of understanding your own data. From employee benefit deductions, to federal, state and local taxes, we take the guesswork out of deduction so you can have peace of mind.

  • Access data quickly and control costs
    Find the data you need, when you need it to keep your business running on budget
  • Save time with no pre-processing steps
    Payroll is ready when you need it by continually updating in real-time
  • Increase productivity with self-service capabilities
    Give power back to your employees with access to pay records to free up valuable time for leadership

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