InTouch® Time Clock


Instant, reliable access to workforce information

Today’s workforce is always evolving, and we have a clock that keeps pace. Inefficient and error-prone timecards along with outdated time clock systems have had their day. The new era of powerful time-tracking data that helps control labor costs and improve workforce productivity is here.


Designed for an intuitive user experience

Not only is it simple and intuitive, the Kronos InTouch® is durable and easily customizable. With its user-friendly interface, the InTouch provides a simple self-service view into any employee’s work-related information. The large 7″ touchscreen with wVGA and full color LCD delivers a superior user experience. Plus, with the full video streaming capabilities, employees are able to watch the important information they need as soon as they walk through the door.

Unprecedented accuracy for more precise payroll

Prevent buddy punching and verify employee identity with biometric identification that provides unbeatable accuracy. If biometric identification isn’t right for your organization, the InTouch supports all major badge formats, including a new smart card reader. This information seamlessly travels into Payroll, or can be easily exported into the file format needed for your accounting software.

Increase productivity

Free your managers of redundant questions about employee schedules with the intuitive self-service software. The InTouch allows employees to view schedules and check time-off balances from the same device they clock-in and out from, freeing up managers for higher-level responsibilities.

Remotely monitor employee information

Thanks to the InTouch’s cloud-based capabilities, the device’s secure information can be accessed any time, anywhere. Being able to monitor and control from a remote location gives you unmatched power and flexibility. With VoIP phone support, it delivers an unprecedented level of help to managers and employees alike.

Why InTouch vs. Competing Clocks

By committing to a low monthly rental cost, the InTouch is always under warranty and consistently updated with software advancements to bring additional features, stability, enhancements and security. Easily deploy to a single or multiple locations to connect your entire network. No middleware is required for set up, so IT is not needed for install or troubleshooting.

  • Up to 10,000 employee user capacity

  • No middleware required

  • Power over ethernet

  • Keypad

  • Extra Pay

  • Bell relay

  • Validate cost centers

  • View accruals and schedules

  • Available in multiple languages

  • 7″ touch screen with color-coded light indicators

  • Cloud-based

  • Barcode/magnetic/proximity/HID compatible

  • Five levels of job costing

  • Door relay

  • Validate users

  • In/out prompt

  • Depot exchange under rental warranty with expedited shipping

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