The New UI

More than just a facelift.

It’s a whole new way to experience work.

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Our new look changes everything for the better.

The reimagined design revolutionizes the way your people experience work by bringing consumer-level simplicity and convenience to your workforce management system


with updated navigation and a sleek dashboard

We streamlined every aspect of the user experience so your people can get more done, faster.

The homepage is now a configurable, one-stop hub that’s personalized by role. Just scroll through widgets to perform day-to-day tasks like punching in and out, submitting timesheets, requesting time off, viewing pay stups and enrolling in benefits.


from any desktop or mobile device

The responsive design adapts to different devices so your people can stay productive anywhere. Compare benefit plans at home on a smartphone and enroll on a computer at work, or configure a detailed report on a desktop and access it from a tablet in the field. It’s a seamless experience that delivers flexibility without compromise.


with drill-down report charts

Embedded analytics deliver instant insight across the system to guide smarter decisions.

Transform traditional line-by-line reports into interactive charts and graphs with a few simple clicks. View trends at a glance and take immediate action. You’ll spend less time searching for data and more time influencing outcomes.

What is the New UI?

An updated interface, or “look,” to the workforce Ready solution that’s designed with employees and managers in mind, providing a consistent look and feel across your desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Why was there a change to the Classic UI?

As your workforce becomes more mobile, instant visibility of data is expected. The New UI is designed to deliver a consistent experience on-the-go. Plus, it looks really slick!

What was updated on the dashboard?

Charts can now be added to dashboards for quick insight, letting you drill down to the details that matter directly from your home screen.

How long will it take to switch?

This will depend on each company, but BeyondPay will coordinate the time of the switch and take care of all the configuration.

How is it different from the Classic UI?

The New UI has an updated look, improved self-service, People Analytics, interactive custom dashboards, and robust task automation. 

What are People Analytics?

An exciting way to display data visually through charts and graphs. You can view a chart and drill down into the details with a click, immediately re-filtering your data. Easily find new strategic insights that were hidden in rows of data.

What will it cost to switch?

Early adopter are eligible for free implementation, including the building of the report charts.  

Whats steps does my company needs to take to switch?

Begin by signing up to notify your CSR. You will then be provided with details and next steps.

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