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BKLYN CLAY is a ceramic arts studio in Brooklyn, NY offering semester-long classes for kids and adults, membership for artists, and one-time events for anyone looking to get a little dirty! They provide a shared workspace fostering creativity and arts education for all ages and skill levels.

We had a chat with BKLN CLAY’s Assistant Director, Laura Vogel, and here’s what she had to say.

When was BKLYN CLAY founded?

Jennifer Waverek founded the previous version of BKLYN CLAY in 2016; after operating in a different space and with a different business partner, that location closed and we re-opened in the winter of 2018 in a bigger and better location.

What are you most proud of your business for?

We foster creativity in a clean, considered space providing a modern context for an ancient art form. This facility allows anyone to join in the experience of making with clay – no one is left out!

What sets your business apart?

The level of consideration of the space, the technological advancement of the facilities, and the elevated brand.

What do you look for in an employee?

They must be experienced, talented, and fit well within the existing team. We are open, relaxed, and professional.

How do you aim to keep your employees engaged and happy?

We provide clear expectations but don’t tell them how to reach those expectations. We provide guidance but allow employees to reach our shared goals in whatever way works best for them.

What's one piece of advice you’d like to share with other workforce leaders?

Use BeyondPay!

What are you currently using BeyondPay for?

To manage all of our payroll needs – we have salaried employees, part-time hourly employees, and independent contractors. BeyondPay makes this mess clean, organized, and professionally managed.

What’s your favorite part of BeyondPay?

[BeyondPay here and we totally agree with Laura, Audrey rocks! Audrey is one of our amazing Implementation Specialists. Check her out on LinkedIn]

Did we miss anything?

Payroll is the most crucial part of the backend of a business – if you can’t pay your employees correctly and on time, you lose their respect and you lose the best members of your team. BeyondPay makes payroll efficient, and – most importantly – CORRECT.

Business owners have to juggle a LOT – but I know that I don’t have to worry about the most important part, payroll, because BeyondPay worries about it for me. If I’m going to be late, they warn me in time to get it in on time. They help me manage communication with my team. They really go above and beyond to make my business run smoothly and to retain the best employees in the industry.

I could not be happier with their quality of service and recommend them highly – even after looking and experimenting elsewhere. I will always come back to BeyondPay – they bring customer service to the next level and I appreciate it every day!

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