"We refer all of our payroll work to BeyondPay"
- Mitch Sharpe, CPA, Sharpe,
Kawam & Carmosino LLC
BeyondPay Security Assurance

Payroll security is essential, so all communications and web-based applications conducted with or through BeyondPay and our affiliate, Payroll Associates, are protected with the highest level of security and discretion.

All communication between a user's browser and our web server* is conducted via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The SSL security protocol is the industry standard for web communication that provides data encryption, server authentication, message integrity, and optional client authentication. We have implemented SSL via a 128 bit** security certificate issued by VeriSign. VeriSign is recognized as the industry leader in secure web communication and has secured more than 300,000 websites including the top 40 e-commerce sites and virtually all of the Fortune 500 businesses with a web presence.

All licensee-stored information that our web applications communicate with is stored separately. Each service provider has its own physical database store, which requires a username and password combination to access data and resources.

All end users who interact with our web application must first authenticate via a username and password that an administrator defines. Upon initial login, the user will be prompted to reset their password to one of their preference. All user passwords stored for authentication purposes are represented as encrypted strings, not clear text. At no point is a user's password ever stored or communicated as clear text.

Our software provides firewall protection for all of its web servers. A layered firewall approach*** consisting of both hardware and software protects against malicious attacks from any hackers and virus infection. Additionally, a firewall is implemented between all web servers and their backend data stores.

We have taken these security measures and more to provide secure and reliable web communication. We continually monitor the industry for additional standards and measures that provide the highest in web security to further protect your confidential business data and payroll security.

* Web server in which confidential and proprietary information is being communicated.
** 128 bit SSL encryption is supported by Internet Explorer Version 5.0 and above.
*** The layered firewall approach consists of a hard firewall and a softwall.