HR Business Partner Services

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Tactical HR

Because daily tasks shouldn’t take all day.


Spend more time focused on bringing on a strategic workforce with services that are designed to improve the hiring process.

Job Description Services

An optimized job description is more important than you think--it could be the difference between attracting top talent.

Policy Development Handbook

No two companies are the same, why should you settle for a cookie cutter handbook? A handbook should be tailored to align with your company’s goals and guide your employees’ experience.


Engage new hires right off the bat to give them every opportunity to succeed and help grow your business.

Performance Review Development

Provide employees with more than a report card. Redesign the entire performance review process with strategic goals and objectives.

Workplace Investigations

Investigating workplace misconduct internally can present some obvious challenges. Ensure that all incidents are handled effectively and in compliance.


(Affirmative Action plans, State and Federal requirements) - Stay on top of everything from Workers Compensation and FMLA compliance to constantly-changing state and federal laws with peace of mind.

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