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Administrative HR

Because daily tasks shouldn’t take all day.

Manage Labor Costs

It's easy to build accurate schedules that align staff coverage to anticipated demand imported from other business systems.

New Hire Reporting

We automatically report new hires to the government for you.


While tracking claims and incidents in BeyondPay, we take the extra step of reviewing and following up with the necessary filings and help create and ensure proper procedures are followed.


Each time an employee is hired and terminated or loses coverage in BeyondPay, we step in with the requirements offering coverage to previous employees under COBRA.

Unemployment Claims Handling

Proper exit interviews, and termination procedures lead to better handling of Unemployment Claims Handling. We will be able to fight illegitimate claims from terminated employees, and also fill out required paperwork when unemployment paperwork is expected.


The Affordable Care Act has opened up completely new responsibilities companies must now follow. We will proactively utilize our system to monitor and consult on staying compliant with several aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

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